About Us


Welcome to Bonding, we are a cnc parts factory, the main business for our shop floor is

produced all kinds of cnc parts for other chinese factory, but we also export some coffee

parts to some other countries. our specialty of these parts are coffee tamper, knock box,

milk frothing jugs and some other coffee accessories. Our main activity is to introduce our

products to the wholesalerson a world-wide scale. We are a manufacturer and regard

our service as high quality with close attention. We are here to help you enjoy the same

fantastic cnc parts that inspired us to start the business.


  1. Fanuc 0i Mate
  2. 6000 RPM
  3. 20 Horse Power
  4. Leadwell
  5. 28CM Maximum OD
  6. 12 Tools
  7. +/- 0.01MM Tolerance
  8. 0.8 Surface Finish


Why do business with us?

Because your focus is our focus - it's as simple as that....

  1. Modern technology
  2. Low labor rates
  3. Short delivery time from order to despatch

In other words - very competitive prices and excellent services

Our Commitment:

  1. Significant Cost Savings
  2. 100% Quality Guarantee
  3. On Time Delivery
  4. Local Full Service


Our Products

Espresso/coffee Tamper

Milk Frothing Jugs

Knock Box

Cnc Parts

Other Parts

Our Services

CNC Lathe(Turning)
CNC Maching Center
Wire Cutting
Laser Etch
Chrome Coating
Zinc Plating
Nickel Coating

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